‘Surprised': that state in which blind ideologues like Obama repeatedly find themselves

Reality strikes hardest at those who refuse to accept it? No, reality strikes hardest at those who don’t even see it. In our lifetime there have been no greater illustrators of this fact than Barrack Obama and the other dogmatists that surround him. As Heritage Foundation’s Conn Carroll observes, Obama seems fundamentally incapable of noticing facts that continuously slam into his face. Carroll writes that when in August 2009 America began to strongly reject Obamacare,

The White House concluded they had a “communications problem” so they scheduled a prime time speech in front of a rare Joint Session of Congress. But the President’s speech arrogantly dismissed the concerns of the American people and after a brief uptick in support (from the low 40s to the mid 40s), opposition to the President’s plan grew.

When liberals got booted from governorships in New Jersey and Virginia,

Again the White House concluded that nothing was wrong with their policy agenda… Instead of rethinking their policies and procedures the White House doubled down and pushed for a speedy passage of Obamacare with as little debate as possible. Over the next two months the White House bought support for their health care plan with the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, and big labor tax breaks.

When Republican Scott Brown won the Massachusetts senatorial seat previously held by liberal Democrat icon Ted Kennedy for four decades, Obama was taken “completely by surprise.”

Again, the White House concluded they had a “communications problem” so this time they scheduled a six-hour health care summit… But like everything else that has come out of the Obama administration during this health care debate, the President’s effort to “seek common ground” at the summit is completely disingenuous.

And there lies the heart of the matter: utter disregard for what Americans want and a total dedication to realizing the leftwing ideological dream of government control over our healthcare. Now Obama and the Dems push the “nuclear option” to pass their healthcare takeover.

And make no mistake, a government takeover of health care is exactly what Obamacare is. …one new feature of their legislation will be to give the federal government sweeping new authority to set prices for health insurance. This is on top of the sweeping new authority that Obamacare already grants the federal government to micromanage the coverage details of every single health insurance policy in the country. And since the nuclear option only requires 50 Democratic Senators for passage, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has signaled that an outright government run health insurance company, the public option, will also be included in the final bill.

If Barack Obama really cared about what Americans need and want in the way of healthcare “fixes,” he’d pay more attention to what Americans need and want in the way of healthcare “fixes.” Obama does not care. He is a hopelessly staunch ideologue. With hopeless staunch ideologues, it’s their way or war — period.

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