Obama’s Energy Secretary declares ‘We Are the World’ as America’s energy policy

Get a load of this quote by Energy secretary Steven Chu.

We believe we have to decrease our use of energy to allow headroom for the developing nations to grow their economies. … There is no law of physics that says prosperity is proportional to carbon emissions.

Now, concentrate really hard. The “logic” of a guy with a brain as haphazardly wired as Chu’s is tough to follow.

With the first sentence, Chu implies that America must decrease its energy use in order to decrease CO2 emissions which don’t cause nonexistent global warming that couldn’t have been caused by humans’ CO2 in the first place. Follow so far?

Now, the next implication is that in decreasing our CO2 and thus doing our part to “stop global warming” — which stopped on its own 15 years ago and was naturally caused anyway — we allow other countries to “pick up the slack” by emitting their own CO2, and as long as those other countries don’t emit so much that the new grand total exceeds the old grand total. This way, humanity can still “stop” that nonexistent global warming. Staying with me?

Well then, “developing” countries can kick up their industrial activity with their new CO2 allowance — you know, the part of the “world budget for CO2 ,” I guess, that America frees up when we decrease our industrial activity and slam our economy more than Chu’s fellow ideologues have already slammed it. Keeping up with this?

Okay then.

Now, with the “developing” countries’ new industrial levels, those countries can become more prosperous as America becomes, apparently deservedly so, less prosperous. This is where Michael Jackson rises from the dead to sing “We Are the World” with Lionel Richie.

All of this was just in Chu’s first sentence. Now comes the good part.

With the second sentence, Chu immediately contradicts what he’d just said in the first sentence by claiming that America can be prosperous without CO2 emissions even though “developing” nations need to emit more CO2 to be prosperous — unless of course what he’s saying is that the laws of physics function fundamentally differently depending on, well, frankly, depending on how Kumbaya liberals want the laws of physics to function — certainly not the same in America as in “developing” countries. Wouldn’t be “fair.”

Do we have any reason to believe that Chu will ever figure out just how badly he got his tongue tangled in his cerebral neurons? Not a chance. Chu’s an ideologue all the way through.

Chu used one of the most disproved fallacies in economics. Left-zealots believe that in order for little guys to become more prosperous, big guys have to cut back and prosper less. All one has to do is look at all of human history to understand that every time “superpowers” have grown more prosperous, individual players grew more prosperous in proportion to the effort those players expended in order to participate in the markets which those superpowers had created. When superpowers waned or disappeared, everybody grew worse off. Biggest example? The fall of the western Roman Empire after 1000 years. Within 25 years after barbarian hordes sacked Rome, Europe’s Dark Ages began. Usually when something carries a moniker like “Dark Ages,” it indicates something not very cheery.

But never let it be said that any liberal pays attention to something as mundane as “all of human history.”

Oh, by the way, you did know that Steven Chu climbed a tree in Berkeley, California and posed for a photograph with other left-zealot “scientists” to protest humans destroying the planet with “global warming?” And this is the guy running American energy policy. Feel all comfy and secure now?

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