Barack Obama: postmodern, post-American President

Progressives have been hung up in their precious “postmodernism” for decades. Classicist Victor Davis Hanson captures the postmodern technique in a two-sentence nutshell.

The courage, sacrifice, and suffering of past American generations that account for our present bounty are simply constructs, significant only to the degree that we use the past to deconstruct the race, class, and gender power machinations that pervade contemporary American exploitive society. History is melodrama, a morality tale, not tragedy.

Sadly, this kind of “thinking” is used by university professors to indoctrinate students studying to be teachers. Many of the teachers then infect children with false constructs of a false America.

When Obama lies, breaks promises, and uses corrupt deals and bribes to pass the health care takeover, the postmodernist demonizes anyone who dares expose the disgusting tactics. See, here’s the thing: the lies, broken promises, and corruption were…

…not misstatements or misdeeds at all. You, children of privilege, only think they are, since you use antiquated norms like “abstract” truth to adjudicate the discomforting efforts of a progressive president.

How dare the “tea-baggers” use something as parochial as “truth” to criticize the actions of so noble a President.

When traditional Americans point out left tyranny, the left declares the observation to be “hate speech.”

The postmodernist constructs a different reality. A person of color who is striving to level the playing field against oppressive interests speaks the “truth” to power. Of course, from time to time he draws on emotive language to drive home his points — quite unlike the cool, detached, and deliberate attack narratives of those seeking to protect corporate or entrenched interests.

Ah, so we see that the left calls its own actual hate speech “speaking truth to power.”

What of race in the postmodern world?

…if Obama says “typical white person,” or entitles his book from the sloganeering of a racist preacher he courted for 20 years, or stereotypes rural Pennsylvanians, or dubs police as acting “stupidly” in matters of supposed racial confrontation, or has an attorney general who damns the country as “cowards” on race, or appoints a Supreme Court judge who thinks a “wise Latina” by virtue of race and gender has superior wisdom, or recruits a Van Jones who characterizes everyone from polluters to mass murderers by race (I could go on), well, all this is not at all racial stereotyping with an intent to deprecate.

Why? Because constructs of language, expression, and reality hinge on status and class. Obama is seeking to dethrone traditional nexuses of power.

In other words in order to make up for the sins of dead racist ancestors, current-day, honest, no-longer-racist Americans must acquiesce to charges of racism by dishonest living jackasses. Makes perfect sense to tribalistic-minded “progressives.”

Hanson observes that for 14 months…

…we have tried to use abstract benchmarks like “did Obama contradict himself?,” “did Obama break another promise?,” “did Obama really think borrowing another $2 trillion won’t help to bankrupt us?,” “did Obama indeed think another entitlement ’saves’ money?,” “did Obama snub another ally and court another enemy?,” “did Obama apologize again?” — when, in fact, such linear thinking, such artificially constructed “norms,” such “facts” are nothing of the sort at all. To Obama, our first postmodern president, such facts and truth are mere signatures of privilege, and so he is offering us another — a postmodern — way of looking at the world.

Bottom line: Progressives demonstrate pure nobility and compassion in making up whatever they want to make up in order to justify whatever they want to justify in order to call whatever they want to call “truth.” But when traditionalists use facts, data, incidents, and quotes to criticize progressives’ schemes, the traditionalists are behaving like extreme, rightwing, racist animals.

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