Liberals’ economic cluelessness sinks to new depths in Obamacare’s prosperity kill-off

If someone had set out to devise a scheme to kill small businesses, then the Dems’ massive health care takeover would be the perfect creation. Please take care to read the next three sentences very slowly, otherwise you may miss the juicy illogic. Ready? Here goes.

The new health care law provides for small businesses to receive tax credits for employee health insurance premiums paid by companies. The credits decrease as a company hires more employees and/or pays higher salaries. Should an employer either hire too many employees or compensate employees too well, then the credits disappear altogether.

If you’ve only read the previous paragraph once, then please read again, slowly and carefully. Then breathe and let the insanity sink in.

Do you see it? Obamacare’s economic brilliance is that the law rewards small businesses for staying small and for not giving employees raises. For very readable specifics please refer to an analysis here by the National Center for Policy Analysis.

Government control of our health care has nothing to do with health and nothing to do with care. As long as liberals control government, government will control our lives and our prosperity will be handicapped by control-obsessed fools.

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