Throw the Bums Out and Watch the New Bums Very, Very Closely

The Obama Presidency crowned a century of progressivism that drove America far away from traditional social and economic values. So far away that Obama was elected partly because of promises to fundamentally transform America and redistribute wealth.

But wealth redistribution is merely a tool for achieving another end. Even reality-ignoring progressives comprehend that no society that robs doers and rewards spectators can flourish. Yet progressives persist in using wishful economic theory to disguise cold economic fact. Why?

The answer lies in the flow of wealth. The progressives’ endgame could be no clearer.

Ask the United Auto Workers how the union likes the 40 percent stake in GM that Obama orchestrated when taxpayers bailed out the auto maker. Ask former Fannie Mae chairman Franklin Raines how it feels to waltz away with most of $90 million scammed from taxpayers for driving Fannie into the ground and helping create the subprime mortgage crisis. After leaving office, the Redistributor-in-Chief will collect colossal speech fees, command multimillion-dollar book advances, and join lucrative business ventures. Meanwhile, Obama will issue eloquent pronouncements calculated to “help” people.

Presidents and congresses have for some time been mutating into pompous gangs that mainly help government. The average federal worker now enjoys more income, better health care, and earlier retirement than the average taxpayer who funds the lavishness. Why? In Barack Obama’s words, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Lecturing the citizen-children comes naturally to a “ruling class” which, according to Angelo Codevilla, sees itself as “the best and brightest while the rest of Americans are retrograde, racist, and dysfunctional unless properly constrained.”

Ruling elitists must at least be a little bright to have figured out how to collect cushy benefits packages while manufacturing the worst economic downturn in six decades, driving debt sky high, and guaranteeing the need for higher taxes. America’s progressive rulers—and since 1900, all presidents but Harding, Coolidge, JFK, and Reagan qualify as progressive—have pushed the notion that pretty theory trumps ugly reality. The progressives’ common tactic? Well since voters love freebies, just lie and promise handout heaven while building high-debt hell.

Presidents and congresses have relentlessly increased the power and scope of hell. Democrat and Republican liars repeatedly tout plans to sweep into Washington, sweep out human nature, abolish economic law, and summon utopia. For too long, Americans have tolerated a bass-ackwards relationship with politicians. And lately the employees’ habit of lecturing the employer has seriously angered voters who want government to do one thing: keep the people safe and free.

The people are fed up with corruption-filled collusion between government and special interests. Democrats and Republicans differ not one iota in the corporatist arena, showing equal capabilities to dress up in elitist egos, bilk taxpayers to placate the special interests, and gather personal wealth in the process.

Corporatism is crucial to the survival of government elitism. The reason? When voters understand the harm in a politician’s agenda, campaign contributions dry up. Enter the Halliburtons, BPs, attorney groups, SEIUs, and AARPs, which donate in return for political favors that funnel dollars into corporate bank accounts. The scheme also paints dishonest politicians as credible. For example, to help sell the “truth,” AARP leadership supported Obamacare even though AARP members detested the legislation. Lying politicos still bombard Americans with claims that government-rationed health care isn’t government-rationed health care, and besides, rationing imposed by a number-crunching bureaucrat will make for longer lives.


Enough with the Hopey-Changey thing. Enough with elected elitists seeing the people as rubes. Government has failed the people.

But many Americans don’t even want to think about government. Only now are the explosions in government mandates, spending, debt, and impending tax increases grabbing our attention. As the Tea Parties demonstrate, previously disengaged Americans are starting to demand that government shrink and get out of our way. But the inconsistent, intermittent Tea Party approach will fail to discourage the elitists and downsize government.

What are we to do?

First of all, it’s important to point out that a profound distrust of Washington now permeates the electorate. Secondly, let’s acknowledge that both Democrats and Republicans are capable of wild spending and self-important thuggery. Thirdly, should Republicans regain control of at least one chamber of Congress in November, clear-thinking Americans will face a tough task: staying so engaged and loud that the new majority cannot revert to behaving like the old majority. The American people must demand clear versus wishful thinking, a focus on achieving versus restricting achievement, and no favors to corporations and special interests.

And indeed, voters may finally be ready to cut off special interests. But we must beware, for individuals and corporations with outstretched hands will want continued wealth redistribution. If voters don’t close the feeding troughs now, then freebie-seekers absolutely will exceed achievers.  Wholesale redistribution may become unstoppable. Logical economics must prevail.

Logic is behind cutting off special interests. The shutdown of taxpayer dollars to corporations, unions, and other special interests will keep more money in taxpayer pockets. The freed-up wealth will spur a business boom that will more than soak up former government employees bleeding from defunct superstructures. The boom will also create jobs for freebie-seekers previously “helped” by the superstructures.

There will be short-term pain. Pain is a natural part of life from which progressive elitists keep promising to protect people. But the scheme has only kept the promise-makers in power. It’s time to do what really works.

Busy, self-reliant Americans must no longer ignore government. Only permanent involvement will prevent gutless elephants and arrogant donkeys from getting away with telling the people to go to hell. The people must stay engaged with the facts and with one another. Government on autopilot must never again be allowed to stand.

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