Gaia squealing in delight

All-knowing government bureaucrats will tell us what household appliances we will be allowed to use.

This is not a bad joke. This is a bad reality.

Assistant Energy Secretary Cathy Zoi is overjoyed about her U.S. Department of Energy “mandate” to order Americans to use only certain household appliances. In fact, let’s allow Zoi to tell us in her own words what President Obama wants her to do. Of four tactics that The One has authorized for achieving the “deployment of clean energy,” the lovely Cathy sighs,

The fourth one, which the secretary and I love, is where we have a mandate. Where we can actually just issue regulations and do market transformation.

Spoken like a quintessential progressive elitist who gets high on controlling people’s lives. Zoi has the progressive dream job: limitless power to issue “mandates” to which the little people must conform. Who decides what mandates and by what criteria? Why, anyone who has to ask isn’t worth the enlightened progressive lowering herself to address.

Earlier this year, Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that his agency had created new energy standards for “refrigerators, microwave ovens, residential and mobile home furnaces, fluorescent light ballasts, residential clothes washers and dryers, room and central air conditioners, and battery chargers.” Anyone who would seek to control the rate at which Americans can heat their TV dinners might also climb into a tree to draw attention to his belief in human-caused global warming.

Chu’s assistant, Zoi, is ecstatic that she “has the power” to “update [appliance standards] more frequently” than ever before.

Power over the people. It’s what progressives live for.

Chu shares his underling’s passion for control over the folks. Reveling in his ability to save the planet by restricting the lifestyles of the middle class, Chu declared, “We’re going to make people save money for themselves.” The Secretary then waved his organic tofu-plated scepter over a copy of a glowing book bearing a title that looked like “Climate Bible.” When Chu clutched the book to his chest, on the front cover could be seen a photo of Church of Global Warming Pope Al Gore.

Chu then grinned and departed in search of a nice tree.

Barrack Obama has brought about one helluva fundamental transformation of America. Little Barry Soetoro has grown up, taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and set into motion the means for controlling how Americans care for their own bodies, borrow money, earn money, communicate on the internet, and travel. Big Barry has also managed to create the groundwork for government telling us what and how much we can eat and how much salt we can use–and how much we can weigh In the future, we will also surrender our Cuisinarts to Zoi’s appliance police if that what Barry wants.

Hold on……   Wait…………………………………….

Okay, there. I had some guy from the EPA standing behind me. Turns out I was over my CO2 limit and had to wait for the stroke of midnight to exhale.

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