Behold the audacity of dishonesty: bipartisan biofuel insanity

Truth means nothing to ideologues.

For instance, people that hate guns are aware that study after study prove that gun ownership and right-to-carry laws decrease violent crime. But most gun haters would still like to see guns confiscated from law-abiding Americans. When confronted with real-world data, gun alarmists opt for dead victims littered across areas marked by “Gun-Free Zone” signs. The ideologues focus on the signs, which feel squishy good, but ignore the bodies, which would only raise undesirable emotions.

This same mindlessness reigns supreme in the area of global warming alarmism and the “green” movement. And politicians’ particular brand of “climate change” alarmism tends to be based not only on ideology, but also on power hunger. And power hunger is a bipartisan phenomenon.

Four senators, Democrat Tom Harkin of Iowa, Republican Kit Bond of Missouri, Democrat Tim Johnson of South Dakota, and Democrat-Farmer-Labor Party member Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota recently sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. In the opening paragraph, the senators write,

We… cannot continue to ignore the rising global temperatures, changing climates, and health effects that are direct results of the annual emissions of billions of tons of greenhouse gases and air pollutants from fossil fuel combustion.

Antarctic melting has been declining for 30 years. The Oceans are cooling. We’ve had 14 years with no significant “global warming.” And global air temperatures have decreased for at least nine years. Yet our senate geniuses want us to be upset over “rising global temperatures.”

Climate has continuously changed, quite naturally, since the beginning of time. Our enlightened legislators want something done about “changing climates.”

America’s air quality has improved by leaps and bounds for decades. Yet the wise ones say that we must be alarmed by the “health effects” of the by-products of “fossil fuel combustion.”

The senators make false and absurd claim after false and absurd claim, seemingly taking a position captured by, “We’re on a roll. Why stop now?” Next comes,

There is also broad recognition that promotion of energy efficiency and alternative fuels and energy systems offer one of our clearest and most promising avenues for significant job creation and economic development.

Every aspect of this statement is false. Factually reworded, the statement might read, “Objectively collected evidence clearly shows that promoting energy efficiency and alternative fuels is a surefire way to kill jobs and destroy prosperity.” (See 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)

Do any of the mere “truths” covered so far sway our four intrepid senators? Not a chance. Falsehoods and lies keep flowing. The senators write,

…we are encouraged by the progress being made by vehicle efficiency gains and by the increasing contributions from domestic biofuels.

Not only are there no “vehicle efficiency gains” due adding biofuel to gasoline, but in fact ethanol reduces fuel mileage, damages the environment, results in the release of even more CO2 than the burning of pure fossil fuels, and may even damage car engines.

Our senators know about these facts. That’s what makes their desire to push biofuels on Americans dishonest, even malicious. Furthermore, biofuel production is eating up food crop capacity at such a high rate that worldwide poverty and hunger are increasing as a result of food shortages. That this particular information is so well-documented makes the senators’ push for yet more biofuel production (which we’ll see shortly) not just dumb, but flat-out despicable.

Blind environmentalism is not the only driver of the senators’ disgusting tactics. Money and power are larger motivators. The King Corn lobby is powerful on Capitol Hill. Biofuel corn farming conglomerates dump money into campaign coffers and keep politicians in office in order to keep the federal subsidies flowing into the conglomerates’ coffers. The corporate behemoths’ and politicians’ motto seems to be, “To hell with what’s right. We want our power and profits!”

At one point, the senators’ letter sinks into the heart of darkness, the depths of economic moronism. Harkin, Bond, Johnson, and Klobuchar write,

…we are deeply concerned that continued expansion of biofuels is being constrained by marketplace limitations. Quite simply, we need more vehicles that can utilize high percentages of ethanol and other biofuels, we need to develop pipelines to transport these fuels from their production sites to the largest markets, and we need to ensure that these high renewable content fuels are available at filling stations across the country. We therefore urge you to include biofuels market expansion provisions addressing these barriers in energy legislation considered by the Senate.

Allow me to translate.

Our senators want to outlaw the law of supply and demand. Actually, not just outlaw it, but reverse it. The reasoning? Well, because “expansion of biofuels is being constrained by marketplace limitations.” And that’s not fair to people that want to cram products down the throats of consumers that are too dim-witted to appreciate the wondrous products.

Instead of producing a great product that people want to buy, because, well, because it’s a great product, the senators want “more vehicles that can utilize high percentages of ethanol and other biofuels.” Yes, our ruling class wonders want laws that force manufacturers to build cars that people don’t want. The laws must also force people to fuel those cars with fuel that the people also reject.

Think of the senatorial scheme as a sort of ignoramus’s corollary to the ignoramus’s law of demand and supply.

When customers don’t want the product, build a more horrific product to soften the sting from the first product.

Genius. Pure genius.

Today, as you read this post, even Church of Global Warming Pope Al Gore admits to the wrongness of the gospel of biofuels.

Undeterred, our four senators push onward. The extensive intervention in the market that they demand would create a full-blown government-controlled energy sector–the economic road to Hell.

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