Defeating Progressives, Starting Now

The purge started in November. But after a hundred years of off-and-on success and establishing nearly complete control over Americans’ lives, the progressive ideologues that run our government will not go quietly.

A diverse coalition has formed against President Obama’s radical agenda. The Tea Party has mounted what J.R. Dunn at American Thinker dubbed, “the counter-revolution.” Unfortunately, even Tea Partiers don’t seem amenable to cutting back the entitlements that brought progressives so much political power in the first place. The dependence of one-sixth of Americans on government assistance and unawareness of how the nanny-state agenda is destroying America also contribute to the progressives’ ability to hold onto that power. But voters can be educated as to the unsustainable nature of unmodified Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, and taxpayer-funded “aid.”

Americans face a decision. Do we slash entitlements to remain a free and prosperous democratic republic based on individual responsibility? Or do we let Obama fundamentally transform America into a decaying, Euro-style, collectivist democracy run by elitists? Will we make everyone poorer to stop the rich from growing richer?

November 2, 2010 was the most important date for Americans in the 149 years since the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter and President Lincoln resolved to preserve the Union. On Election Day, our country’s fate was on the ballot. Obama lost his obedient Congressional majority. Voters stopped the radical.

Now our near-term hopes now lie with a Republican Party energized by a fear of being rendered irrelevant by the Tea Party.

Many Americans are ready for truth. Republicans must speak truth. The people are looking for politicians willing to take on nasty problems and offer hard fixes, not shysters peddling sugarcoated lies. Republicans need to point voters to the truth that in the entire human experience, never have opportunities to improve one’s lot in life been greater than under American capitalism. And progressives are dismantling capitalism. So far, fearing lost votes, Republicans have avoided discussing how government aid destroys the willpower of people who are “aided.” The GOP must discover courage.

The Indian reservations are filled with aid’s victims. Guilt-tripping progressives are keeping American Indian and Hispanic families on aid that reinforces dependency. Slave owners treated black Americans’ ancestors as property. To “help” Blacks, guilt-ridden white men pushing Welfare wrote a new horror story. Seventy percent of black babies are born to unmarried women. Sixty percent of black high school dropouts have gone to prison since LBJ’s Great Society turned on. Sixty-five percent of black children live with single parents. Progressives have condemned Blacks to generational government dependency.

Where are Republican voices on these truths?

The truth is that the future of all Americans rides on a core value that Republicans had better rediscover: freedom. Rediscovery must come soon, because our elitist ruling class has created tyrannical governance that must disassembled. To establish wide voter appeal, Republicans must starve the leviathan that crushes freedom and perpetuates dependency. Since Republicans seem to be short on talking points, here’s a starter list of economic truths.

  • Big government stifles business.
  • Stifled business stifles the economy.
  • Stifled economies are bad for people.
  • “Aid” weakens resolve.
  • There is no such thing as government’s money.
  • Raising taxes admits government failure.
  • Earning breeds self-esteem. Undeserved self-esteem breeds non-earners with inflated egos.
  • Disgustingly rich people create disgustingly large numbers of jobs—and that’s not disgusting.
  • Life ain’t fair.

From truth comes principle. Republicans must adhere to the seven habits of highly effective conservatives.

  1. Accountability: Hold self and others accountable for choices.
  2. Agenda guided by truth: Pursue positive, realistic objectives.
  3. Emphasis on results: Do what works.
  4. Thought over emotion: Embrace logic of the mind over recklessness of the heart.
  5. Honesty from moral clarity: Apply traditional values to distinguish right from wrong.
  6. Commitment to the individual: Maximize personal freedom.
  7. Objective patriotism: Learn from mistakes and promote America as a force for good.

Conservative and libertarian politicians must role-model the seven habits. Americans will welcome the refreshing contrast to progressives’ storytelling. Republicans must look into the eyes of people of all races, ideologies, and income levels and speak the truth that government cannot legislate fairness. God’s laws and Adam Smith’s invisible hand will have to suffice.

Americans who trusted Obama are coming to terms with truth, growing ever more disillusioned over the realization that The One and the Democrats cannot manufacture paradise. Had libertarian-minded politicians stuck with truth for the last century, we would not be faced with losing control of our country to authoritarian elitists. Truth is America’s last refuge.

One truth is that progressives will never stop selling snake-oil remedies that deepen economic pain and magnify human weakness. Foolish know-it-alls will always walk among us.

So then, we must strategically, tactically, and emotionally prepare for the long haul. If the Tea Party and Republicans succeed in putting our country back on the course set by the Founders, progressives will respond by turbo-charging their venomous rhetoric.

Let’s be blunt. Progressives are unhappy people who stomp through life feeding gullible lab rats idyllic theories that invite a living hell. Do we want progressives strutting and preaching while “transforming” America, or would we rather shake our heads as they throw tantrums while the rest of us live happy, prosperous, and free?

If speaking bluntly frightens Americans into retreating to the imagined security of progressive lies, then we shall know that gullibility runs too deep, brainwashing too thorough, character too weak, and the body politic too diseased to save.

Damned frightening.

Let’s roll.

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