Obama launches programs to guide the thoughts of America’s children

Just how far will America’s Ideologue-in-Chief go to bring about the impossible Eden that he and the progressive herd long to create? We have our latest indication as to answer to this question .

At a recent White House-hosted conference attended by about 150 representatives of various special interest groups, legislators, and other federal and state/local officials, President Obama declared it the business of government to “prevent bullying and create an environment where every single one of our children can thrive.” Obama announced new federal programs aimed at pressuring state and local governments to regulate children’s speech and behavior.

The programs appear to be configured to monitor Facebook activity and other Internet social networking sites as well as encourage progressive ideology-based censorship of language used by children in classrooms and schoolyards.

The Obama administration has set up a website, “stopbullying.gov,” which, in the President’s words, will provide “information for parents and for teachers.” The website singles out and dedicates an entire section to one of Democrats’ most vociferous special interest support groups—the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. The section contains the usual liberal platitudes and self-esteem building language and also points out speical “risk factors” for LGBT kids.

The concern of any objective person here is straightforward. Why is it the federal government’s business to condition America’s children to behave in any specific way with regrad to kids who are in some way “different?” Already, over the last several decades, the progressive ideological takeover of curricula at all levels of education from elementary school through college has grotesquely disfigured American culture. Now the Obama administration is abandoning any pretense of contention that indoctrination is not occurring.

Children’s behavior is no business of government. The present character of American parents can be somewhat gauged by the outrage, or lack thereof, which those parents exhibit over this latest attempt by progressive ideologues to usurp parental authority and responsibility.

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