Will Congress help Obama guide the thoughts of America’s children?

Last week I blogged about President Obama’s programs aimed at forcing state and local governments to get involved in controlling children’s speech. Now a Democrat House member, Representative Jackie Speier of California, is trying to inject Congress into the anti-bullying act.

According to the Daily Caller, Speier intends to introduce a bill which, if passed and signed into law, will require schools to report to the federal government all incidents in which Down and Asperger’s syndromes kids are bullied.

If a school’s officials judge that eight-year-old Johnny has “bullied” little Jimmy, who has Down syndrome, then by law, would Johnny have to be reported to the feds? Speier insists that government mold schools into “zero tolerance” zones.

Who exactly will judge what constitutes “bullying?” Does name-calling fit the bill? Will kids who throw nasty names at Down and Asperger’s voctims end up in a federal database? What actions will the feds take after learning of said “bullying?”

The Daily Caller characterizes Speier’s proposal as “part of a larger, national campaign to get the federal government, local officials and school districts to discourage incidents of name calling and taunting on school campuses and online.”

So then, we have an answer to at least one of our questions. Yes, name-calling will be considered bullying.

How decent of the noble and compassionate representative, Ms. Speier. If her initiative becomes law, the feds will play a prominent roll in pressuring children to stop engaging in name-calling. For now, the pressuring would apply only when the name-calling is directed toward Down or Asperger’s kids. For now.

What precisely will the feds do to little Jenny when she calls a special-needs child a nasty name? Kids have been calling other kids nasty names since speech entered Homo sapiens’ behavioral toolbox. But now, thanks to one enlightened politician, and assuming that a critical mass of other enlightened politicians join Jackie Speier’s enlightened crusade against children behaving childishly, and assuming that the Enlightened-One-in-Chief signs the enlightened bill, the force of the federal government will be brought to bear to eradicate a fifty-millennia-old practice.

The dunderheaded arrogance of these liberals is something to behold.

2 Responses to “Will Congress help Obama guide the thoughts of America’s children?”

  1. EasTexan says:

    “Dunderhead” is to kind a label for these petty, over-reaching, feel-good, social-engineering tyrants. However, propriety precludes my revealing the colorful names we attach to such types here in east Texas.

  2. scizzorbill says:

    When I went to school, there were no ‘special needs’ kids. I assume because they couldn’t keep up with non special needs kids. Are these mentally challenged children really in public schools today?

    I realize the subject is ‘bullying’, so when I, as a child one year younger than my peers was bullied, I stood up to the bully, and he ran home much to my surprise. I didn’t need any government agency to ‘fix’ the problem.

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